Luca Rossini

I’ve started working as a photographer many years ago and since then I’ve been looking for perfection in my shoots.
My passion is also my job.
I have been the official photographer of Monza Calcio, a prestigious football team in Monza and Brianza province, for four years, attending the first-team championship and the young category.
I am currently the official photographer of the basketball team Nuova Pallacanestro Olginate, and Seregno football team.
Furthermore I am accredited as photographer of Seria A n football matches and my shoots are sold around the world by an important French agency.
As in everyday life, I try to bring out the precision that distinguishes me also in my works.
I carefully observe what surrounds me, trying to freeze time on my pictures that tell you the story behind.
My still-life production is really appreciated by customers: in these works I meticulously study frames, lights and compositions to get the best from every shoots.
I’m registered in the register of italian Journalist.
In 2016 I obtained the Adobe Expert Certificate (ACE) for Photoshop Lightroom and I organize courses about it for individuals or groups.

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